personalized peels and facials. $85 to $120

manual dermabrasion. exfoliates while promoting collagen production. $75

facial cupping. reduces pain and inflammation. $100

micro-needle. tiny needles increase collagen production, plump wrinkles and break up dark scars, stretch marks. $250

micro-current. the easiest facelift. $120

wullstone therapy. uses massaging heat to relieve pain and pressure. great for TMJ, circulation and muscle aches. $100

body glow. steam shower followed up warm oils and buffing salts to remove sun and wind-dried layers. $120

detox.includes an ayurvedic body max while relaxing in moist steam to clear toxins from body and clean pours. $120

back cleanse. facial for your back. $100

waxing. eyebrows. lip. chin. bikini. $12 to $25+

organic spray tan. full body. legs only. face only. $25 to $40

make-up application. traditional and airbrush. $TBD

coolsculpt. fda-approved. non-invasive treatment for reduction of fat. $TBD

acupuncture. $85+

     *24 hours notice required for any cancellations.

     *Custom Skin Care is not responsible for personal belongings.



                                                    Gluteus Glow $100

                                      steam, clean, peel and moisturize your hind quarters 

                                                      Body Cupping $120

               this  form of cupping uses soft cups to intensify metabolism, increase circulation, and

                                        improve skin elasticity     also great for sore muscles         


                                                       Backcial    A Facial For The Back $85

                                                 complete cleaning and steam massage of the back and shoulders